For Parents

Welcome Hannah Parents!
This page should provide you with resources and tools to help your child with learning, understanding, and loving math.  Scroll down past the video to access these resources.  
 Please feel free to Email Mrs. Hudak with any questions!

Why is Math Taught So Differently Now?!


Websites with videos to help explain the math.  
Some websites require you to create a free account before using them.  


 great minds site
This site offers support specifically for
parents, with a "Homework Helpers" section.
Have you loved hearing about the Osmo?  Click the pictures above to visit the Osmo website where you can learn more about the kit and order one for your home!  They are also available online from Amazon, Target and Best Buy.
Thank You PTO!! A HUGE Thank You to our amazing PTO for purchasing one Osmo Genius Kit for every classroom in the building!!  Students and teachers LOVE it!