Learn to Code at Home

Learn to Code at home

Enter or click on this site: code site

Find sign in in the top right corner and click on it

Then click on the field on the right to enter your class code

  1. Codes for classes are as follow:

    1. 1st Grade: PHNYVM 1st Grade link

    2. 2nd Grade YLDSQC 2nd Grade Link

    3. 3rd Grade KWSGBM 3rd Grade Link

    4. 4th Grade: HQSPKD 4th Grade Link

    5. 5th Grade: KNJYHW 5th Grade Link

  2. Press “go” in the orange button below

You are now in your class coding site

  1. Find your name click on it

  2. Find your emoji or type your secret words

Sign in to code